Raffles Transportation Group supplies the latest Tractor and Trailer base accompanied by courteous and professional drivers to offer its customers the best in transportation deliveries. All of our equipment is maintained and kept in exceptional condition to provide our customers with on time deliveries load after load. Our drivers are some of the best in the industry and are hired only once they have passed strict employment screening and testing. On road security and the safe handling of your freight and our equipment is a top priority and Raffles Transportation Group ensures we do everything possible to get your freight to the desired location in a safe and timely manner.


For your dry goods shipment

At Raffles Transportation Group our large fleet of dry vans all equipped with logistics bars and e-track systems are more than able to handle your dry cargo shipment. Be assured that whether you are shipping bales of paper products, beverages, or machinery, Raffles Transportation Group has extensive expertise to handle all of your shipping requirements across North America.


Trans Border shipment

At Raffles Transportation Group our drivers are experienced in cross border custom formalities. We have well trained staff to assist customers with completing proper paperwork and documentation needed in getting shipments cleared 24 hours a day.


Zero Spoilage

Raffles transportation temperature-controlled service combines the size, strength and quality service that customers have come to expect from our national dry van services with versatility of temperature-controlled transportation.We are capable of carrying almost any type of temperature sensitive product for delivery to nearly anywhere in North America. Whether you are shipping fresh, frozen or heated products, we have the expertise to handle all of your temperature-controlled needs.The temperature on our trailers range from a chilling -20 degrees fahrenheit to 80 degrees fahrenheit.All of our trailers are equipped with state-of-the-art electronic temperature monitoring systems that provide our professional staff the information they need to ensure the integrity

of your cargo. Raffles transportation understands the importance of expedited deliveries when it comes to perishables and refrigerated freight, that’s why we offer team service throughout North America.


Always Prepared

A large part of our dry van business comes from transporting urgent and expedited freight. We work closely with several courier companies to arrange the transportation of their expedited freight. At Raffles Transportation we are aware that picking up and

delivering freight on time is crucial to our customers and thus over the years we have made significant gains and are proud of our on time delivery record.

Contact one of our customer service representatives for more information regarding the expedited services available from your area.


Temporary Storage, until You are Ready

Raffles transportation offers a trailer pool across North America. This is extremely helpful for our customers who require longer period of loading and offloading time. For many shippers, the days of live-loading trailers, missing appointments and delivering late are over. Developing drop trailer programs and drop and hook services revolutionizes the way shippers and carriers interact, giving each the freedom to carry out their operation smoothly without any time restrictions.


Locate your Shipment 24/7

With our powerful satellite tracking system, clients can track their load 24/7 on real time basis. Raffles transport uses real-time

satellite tracking provides fleet operators with the real-time tracking and updates they need to keep their fleet running smoothly wherever cellular coverage is unreliable.

Raffles transport uses powerful satellite tracking system that

provides us updates and real-time tracking to keep the fleet running even where cellular coverage is unreliable. In turn, our clients can track their shipment anytime of the day.

Whatever the job, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now.